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Update: May 21, 2020

The pool will be open starting Saturday May 23 from 8:00AM to 9:00 PM.

If you need a new or replacement key card you must contact Graham Management directly.
Graham Management is open Mon-Thurs 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and Fridays 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The phone number is 713-334-8000.

If you are in good standing your existing card should work automatically, but you can call Graham Management to confirm if desired.

Please remember there is no lifeguard on duty.  Be extra vigilant to protect yourself and neighbors.
This year we have new compliance related to COVID19, per City of Houston Guidelines ( https://www.houstontx.gov/health/Environmental/pools.html)

The pool is a shared resource for all Ashford Hollow Homeowners, please be considerate and respectful of your fellow neighbors. Use at your own risk.  
  1. Hand sanitizer and hand soap will be provided for use inside the recreational area.
  2. Maximum capacity is 25% of normal, no more than 37 people at any time.  This will be self-enforced. Do not enter if it is at maximum capacity.
  3. Anyone who has or who has a household member who has symptoms of Covid19 or has been diagnosed with Covid19 is asked to not use the common areas.
  4. Social distancing is encouraged. Please keep tables and furniture at least 6 feet apart. 
  5. The CDC recommends NOT to wear masks in the water. The use of masks is encouraged for adults, outside of the pool, especially when social distancing is restricted. 
  6. There is no lifeguard or attendant on duty, therefore, it is not possible to disinfect and sanitize the furniture and other surfaces. Please be cautious and respectful of others sharing the same equipment. 
  7. Each person is responsible to clean up their area after use.  Trash must be disposed of in the provided bins.  
  8. Objects should not be shared outside of household units: this includes items that are meant to come in contact with the face (for example, goggles, nose clips, and snorkels), and items such as food, equipment, toys, pool floats, etc.  
  9. The situation will be reassessed regularly, and rules may change as needed.
Should you have any questions, please contact Graham Management. 

We wish you all a happy and safe summer!
Ashford Hollow BOD
Update: March 25, 2020 - Playground Closed

Ashford Hollow Board sent the following message to all residents who are website members.

As you may know the Harris County Judge issued a Stay Home, Work Safe Order, for the purpose of reducing the exposure to the COVID-19 virus. The time period for the order is  March 24, 2020 through  April 3, 2020.  Included in the many provisions are mandatory closures of public playgrounds and outdoor exercise equipment.  Therefore we are requesting all residents to refrain from using the playground equipment until the order is lifted.  

Please stay safe and we will see you all soon!

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If you are a resident and did not receive the message, please sign up for membership using the link mentioned above.

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